My days as a techie

My days as a techie

I wake up every day sometimes not knowing exactly what challenges I am going to face or what problems I may have to solve.

Because of the faith individuals and organizations have in technology, I am on the people believed to be the solution to any problem or question they might have – that’s what I’m paid for right?

From close family members to distant relatives, acquaintances, customers, partners and random people on the Internet the know me as a techie.

Some codes that were written in a language I am not an expert in, I get to see them and try to see how to optimize.

Sometimes, I wonder if I am still human with the sort of many kind of things I get to do.

-Advisor (Dara, what do you think of this Microsoft tool/tech – I get that almost everyday)

-Programmer (of our time – as a dear friend calls me)

-Tech Trainer (Dara, come and teach me how to hack, code python, SQL, use PowerPoint)

-Tech Guru (seen as)

-Mr. Microsoft (among my peers) – amazing some folks think I have product licenses to Microsoft products because I work there – FYI – I pay for my personal licenses and subscriptions

-well, some others I can’t even remember

And aside from all these I cannot but still be these

-a husband





On some days, I wish I was just an ordinary guy with a regular job who can have days without thinking of the tech that make the world what it is and what it’s going to be. Well, on such days, I snap out of it, get on my groove and move on.

I am Dara Oladapo, I am a techie and this is what I do every day.

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