I am excited to announce to you the Computer Science Education Week. The Computer Science Education Week is a one-week event that celebrates the growth and increase of computer science and programming skills learnt around the world schools.

Schools and tech giants are partnering with for Hour of Code. The aim of hour of code is to give people the needed tools to get started with learning how to code (program).

With rapid technology integration into our everyday lives, tons of jobs needing technology and urgent need for solutions. Getting the skills needed to take on this challenge requires us to learn how to code.

“Learning to write programs stretches your mind.” – Bill Gates

Satya Nadella said “Computer Science can unlock the best opportunities in the world”

Currently, only 2% of students study computer programming. But the rate at which programming jobs increase is double that of any kind of job (USA). My dear country Nigeria is nearing that stats soon.

Few of us were fortunate to learn programming when we were younger. The hour of code aims to bring coding to every age across all careers.

The Microsoft Student Partners around the globe will be volunteering to bring the Hour of Code to your neighbourhood.

Online?… Join the live webcast on Microsoft Channel 9 from December 8-14.

The world around is getting tech, you don’t wanna let this pass you by.

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