Getting Started With Windows Phone Development

Getting Started With Windows Phone Development

Hi there. These past few days, I have been having people ask me a lot about getting started with programming.

In this post, I will give you tips for getting started with developing for the Windows Phone.

First, I must say developing for the Windows Phone is one of the coolest things to do. That is of course from my point of view.

I have been writing for the Windows Phone since 2012 and it has been quite fun and exciting.


Basic/Advanced Programming Skills

To develop for the Windows Phone, you need to have an understanding of programming languages like C#, Visual Basic (VB.NET), C++. For the Web World guys, your HTML5, CSS and JavaScript sure is very much welcome.

You can get started with learning these languages by visiting the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) and searching for the language of your choice

Microsoft Visual Studio

This is an IDE (integrated Development Environment) for developing applications using Microsoft tools.

If your concern is Windows Phone alone, you might wanna download the Windows Phone Express for Windows Phone on the Visual Studio Website.

But with Microsoft DreamSpark, students can get Visual Studio Professional free of charge amongst many other great tools.

If you are interested in the Premium or Ultimate Version, you can get from the Visual Studio Website or from your MSDN Subscription

Windows Phone SDK

The Windows Phone SDK (Software Development Kit) is the tool that allows you develop applications for Windows Phone in Visual Studio.

The Windows Phone SDK comes bundled with Visual Studio 2013 and later. If you are using Visual Studio 2012, you will need to download the standalone Web Installer or ISO file (1.6 GB or thereabout).

Point to NOTE: Your machine must be running a 64-bit version of Windows 8 or later for these to work for you.

If you still run Windows 7 or Vista, you will need Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 and the Windows Phone 7 SDK.

Note that support isn’t too strong for this anymore.


So you don’t code and you want to build an app, we got you covered.

Please do visit the App Studio to get started.


To publish your application to the store for others to download, you need to have a Developer Center (Dev Center) Account.

One sweet new thing now is that once you have this account, it is for a lifetime as you would not need to renew yearly.

For Independent Developers, it cost $19 to get an account. For organizations, it cost $100 and some verification processes.

Another good thing is that with DreamSpark, students get this account free of charge!

Once you are done creating an account, go over to your dashboard to get publishing.

There are helps and guides on the website to lead you through the way.

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